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Electro Sex - knowledge / FAQ XXX


Magic-Trode male "Silver"                      Magic-Trode "Lady"



What exactly is electrical stimulation?

In normal sexual intercourse, the nerve endings in the genital area are stimulated by friction, whereas in electrical stimulation, the nerves are stimulated by electric impulses.


What is the difference between electrical and physical stimulation?

The "normal" physical stimulation in terms of effectiveness is quite limited. Even under the most intense effort, only a fraction of the existing nerve cells can be stimulated. Electrical stimulation, however, can reach much more nerve cells at the same time, this is the reason why the experience of stimulation and so intense. Furthermore you can achieve many special erotic effects, which cannot be achieved during normal sexual intercourse at all ! Since you can vary the pulses in strength and frequency as desired, as well as their sequence, the electrical stimulation is much more diversed than during normal sexual intercourse. This, of course does not mean that the electrical stimulation is a replacement for "real sex", but it is an enrichment with unlimited possibilities!


What is the electrical stimulation in practice

The male electrode is applied below the glans. Here, the skin must first be covered with a drop of lubricant. The female electrode is attracted like a slip, the clitoris must be covered with a drop of lubricant also. That's it ! Now, men and women can play for hours without having to apply lubricant anymore. You also have complete freedom of movement during the stimulation, you can dance or jump, or just sit or lie relaxed, just as you like. The Magic Trode electrodes are also very lightweighted, they do not interfere when they are worn !


Is there a difference between men and women in terms of the erotic effect of electrical stimulation ?

The erotic impact of the male "Magic-Trode" is almost identical to the effect of the female "Magic-Trode Lady". The nerves are the same, even though the anatomy is different of course.


Is it possible that electrical stimulation can become dangerous ?

If one operates the electrical stimulation with our configurations, it is only "pleasantly"! Of course there are deterrent examples of unpleasant electric shocks in everyday life, such as electric fences or electric shock from the socket. This has nothing to do with our stimulation at all ! Since all devices are battery operated, no flow of large amounts of electricity is possible. In addition, all devices have a medical seal of approval, are "TÜV" tested and were built especially for the purpose of stimuating nerve endings. The devices are usually used to treat back pain or headache as the "electrical therapy" prescribed by doctors. So these are devices that have been proven for decades.


How to imagine the effect of electrical stimulation ?

One can say that electrical stimulation is similar to a vibrating sensation. It can be best thought of as "super-vibrator", then you have an idea of the effect. Depending on the setting on the electrical stimulation device you can either produce a light "tap" , or a "super-ticklish" vibration. By the intensity you can determine how strong the effect is and where exactly the "position" of the effect shall be ! In particular, the effect at full intensity is indescribable ! When the electrode is applied "freshly" and the intensity is increased for the first time, the skin has to get accustomed to the vibration,.but this takes just a few seconds. Just turn intensity up slowly, and you can exceed different "thresholds" of arousal. Each of them has its own particular erotic charm ! You can change not only the strength of stimulation, but also the range and type of stimuli ! If you own a strong electrical stimulation device, you can even get to some kind of "pain" level, but only if you like that :-).


Am I cabled somehow while electrical stimulation ?

There are only a very short and very lightweighted cord from the electrical stimulation device to the electrode. The battery-powered electrical device that is about half the size of a conventional Discman can also be attached to a belt or hung around the neck or simply held in the hand. All of the parts are so light and flexible, you can even jump during the stimulation or dance. In normal sexual intercourse, however, one is usually in a often uncomfortable sitting or lying position, in which also a lot of physical "work" has to be done to generate a good stimulation, which usually limits the duration of the sexual act, because the physical effort at some point is just too much. By using Magic-Trode electrodes all these "inconvenient" aspects of the sexual act disappear, because you can achieve the perfect stimulation in any comfortable position, and without having to "workout" permanently the perfect stimulation can last very, very long ! Several hours are easily possible.


Can you come to orgasm with the electrical stimulation ?

Of course ! Above all, only with the Magic-Trode electrodes you can control orgasms very fine and therefore you make it very, very much more intense! You can dish out for hours always short of orgasm, or do even more and longer orgasms. But if you want you can "come" within the shortest possible time. Just as you like it ! When stimulating, the nerves in the genital area become more and more sensitive with time. The desire for orgasms is growing within a very short period of time and can be experienced again and again ! For all those who have never experienced multiple orgasms in a row, every "follow-up" orgasm is even more intense than the one before ! The body releases more adrenaline and endorphins, the whole body is becoming more and more susceptible to "lust", it also increases the heart rate and pulse. That long and intense sex with many highlights leaves a natural "high" feeling similar to the feeling of a "Victory Rush" and has all the positive aspects for your body and soul and is thus classified as very healthy ! As a tip: during electrical stimulation with the Magic Trode you can also dance, sing, shout, laugh, jump, cheer, celebrate, etc ... , to even amplify the natural "high". You can achieve a positive kind of "flash" that can persist for many days!


Is electrical stimulation dangerous for the skin ?

No! If the electrode is properly connected and sufficient lubricant is used, there is not even skin reddening. This reddening would occur when the electrode would not make a good contact. Since our electrodes are tight and flexible on the skin without physical pressure to it and together with the right lubricantis there is a perfect "contact". Even hours of stimulation without the slightest skin irritation is possible. If you would stimulate at this intensity and this long "physically" (which is not possible during normal sexual intercourse), you would probably get "cramps and blisters". Thus, the stimulation with the Magic-Trode is not only much more effective but also much gentler on your skin ! Even several hours daily over a longer period of time are not a problem if you like it !


How long does an electrode last ?

The Magic Trode is deliberately small, lightweight and extremely flexible. It can withstand much more than even in a rough usage could occur, even with daily use, the Magic-Trode lasts for years, without any loss in effectiveness ! However, should anything happen with it, then we can surely find a solution for you !


Is there any warranty on the Magic-Trode?

Since the electrode is intended for use in the genital area, we only take back unopened packs. If the electrode is returned within its original packaging and if it it unused, the paid money will be refunded.


Are there different sizes of the Magic-Trode?

No, this is not necessary because of its flexibility, it fits any penis or clitoris. Even with a very large or small penis, the effect is evenly optimal because the electrode is optimally flexible !


What makes the difference between the Magic Trode other electrodes such as rings, e-dildos or plugs?

Our electrodes are the result of years of practical experience with all sorts of types of electrodes and their placement versions. Our electrodes are very different from rings, sleeves, parachute, E-dildo, butt plug, loops or vaginal shields. It is substantially more effective in action and a lot of times more practicable ! You do not have to abandon your maybe already existing equipment. If you want to use the electrode in combination with other electrodes, there could be a variety of combinations you could try if you like experimenting.


What electrical stimulation devices are best for the Magic-Trode electrodes ?

Basically, you can connect any electrical stimulation device to our electrodes. Perfectly e.g. are all TENS devices (for example, all Medilike, MyStim, Ostimex, Vita Tronic, Orion "Electro sex", Rimba, Shock Wave, RHD, etc.). Each unit feels a bit different, but basically all TENS devices are quite similar. Differences are in variability of the stimulation and the maximum intensity. Generally the more expensive the unit is, the more opportunities you will usually get. But even the low price units have everything you really need ! If you do not have a device already, we recommend the "MyStim - tension lover" or the "Vita Tronic 804 / s"


How expensive is electrical stmulation ?

If you compare electrical stimulation with other sex toys, you have to say, there is no other toy that can even come close to it in terms of intensity and effectiveness ! If by chance you already have a TENS unit, you only need the Magic Trode for 69 €. Depending on what TENS unit you choose it is more. But no matter what price range you choose, electrical stimulation is always worth the money !


Safety instructions and precautions for electrical stimulation in general

People with cardiac pacemakers and heart disease should NOT use Electrosex. Do not use during pregnancy. Keep away from children. Electrosex Electrodes for use only below the waistline. Dont wear electrodes in the water or while bathing. There must be no metal implants. The stimulus current shall be regulated slowly. NEVER wear electrodes on sick or inflamed skin. NO connection directly to body piercings. Stimulation of the vaginal and anal area may not longer than 30 minutes. Risk of over-stimulation of the muscles and nerves. During usage do not operate machinery, drive a car or motorcycle, etc. Connect only to devices that are build especially for electrical stimulation of nerves. Be sure to follow all the instructions in the manual !